"If Sam Raimi made a film featuring Nazis, then Soldiers of the Damned might well be the result."
"'The True Horror of War. ...Dark & Creepy."
“The battle sequences blew me away with both their visual quality and authenticity."
"Soldiers of the Damned is truly a clever, distinctive, bloody and enthralling film, which I highly recommend."
"There is  a style to Soldiers of the Damned that gives the film an almost arthouse aesthetic"
"A mind bending thriller that does keep us guessing until the final moments."

"The creepy and unnerving tale of SOLDIERS OF THE DAMNED will have you on the edge of your seat, eager to discover the secrets of the forest whilst the solid supporting cast create a tight knit group you can really invest in. A supernatural tale well worth checking out."

" A supernatural Nazi horror film to rival Michael Mann's THE KEEP."
"A blood-soaked blitzkrieg of
mayhem and terror."
“The effects are stunningly real, producing toe curling brutality” 
"A brooding British horror that is finely crafted, Soldiers of the Damned is a great tension-filled flick."
"An enjoyable first feature then from director Nuttall, who displays a confident ability to set the mood and scene for an unsettling slice of period horror."
"Soldiers of the Damned is a dark gritty occult chiller..."
"Once the horror kicks in, its is a very effective film..."

"Soldiers of the Damned is a breathe of fresh air in a genre that is otherwise currently stagnating under the weight of wearisome found footage and cheap zombie flicks."

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